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Narragansett Technologies traces its roots to the birth of color television. Originally, the facilities were built in the late 1950s and 1960s to manufacture imaging tubes for Philips’ Amperex division in support of broadcast television cameras. As Philips consolidated its tube manufacturing business, additional work was sent to the facility and it became a part of Philips Components. Today, the bulk of this output is used in medical imaging equipment. In addition, CCD Sensor manufacturing was also relocated to the facility and it became a center of excellence for CCD camera design.

In late 2000, Narragansett Imaging was formed and spun off as an independent entity jointly owned by Business Creation of the Netherlands and Philips. In 2004 the Company’s management team teamed with Sebago Equity Partners, acquired the company and expanded the business to include electronic and electromechanical contract manufacturing.

Today, we manufacture products for a range of companies including Philips. Our extensive engineering, product introduction and manufacturing expertise in a variety of electronic, electromechanical and imaging products is now applied to range of industries and applications including traffic control, biometrics, defense, medical imaging, professional imaging and machine vision. Our customers benefit from both our network of supplier relationships and our specialized vertically integrated capabilities.

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